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Cahaya White Copra

White Copra - Indonesia has the largest coconut plantation in the world covering about 3.88 million hectares of plantation. Most of coconuts harveste dare sold as copra. Copra is derived from the kernel of coconut which is traditionally dried under the sun for a few days. Copra is mainly used for oil extraction and which is further processed into many different product such as cooking oil, bio diesel and oleo chemical. Copra has an oil content varying from 61 to 65 %. However, copra processed this way has a quality problem. In process of drying, mold and fungus start to grow and causing a flactoxin level to increase as well as FFA (free fatty acid). A flactoxin and high  FFA content is harmful for human consumption. Therefore these low quality copra have to be refined,bleaced and deodorized (RBD process) before it is fit for human consumption.

With installation of indirect heating system we are able to dry coconut into copra using a drying chamber and clean hot air is blown to reduce the moisture content of copra to a maximum of 6%. Indirect heating system ensures that only clean hot air make contact with coconut kernel therefore a white copra can be produced instead of traditionally made copra which is black in color. White copra is a high quality copra and oil extracted from white copra can be consumed without going through RBD process. Oil extraction from white copra has been widely used in Sri Lanka and India.

For making a high quality copra a fully matured coconut have to be usedin order to have a high oil content. Our White Copra specification is as follow:

- FFA Content 0.04% to 1.5 %
- Oil Content Minimum 61 %
- Moisture Content Maximum 6 %
- No Fungus Content

There are advantages by using White Copra for making coconut oil:
- Without going through RBD process to extract the oil (no/minimum chemical usage)
- Low moisture content will avoid mold and fungus growing
- Low FFA content

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