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Producing Best Quality BBQ Briquettes also called shisha briquette charcoal, which are made from coconut shell charcoal. We harvest our coconut shells in sustainable manner, without any harm to palm trees, animal habitat or the environment.


We use tapioca starch to bind the charcoal briquette briquettes, which is a 100% food grade product extracted from the root of the plant species Manihot Esculenta (cassava). Please find attached our product and production in Our Factory.


Shisha Briquette Charcoal

Keeping our customers satisfaction with our product.

Established in 2012, we gradually hone our expertise in supporting packaging to perform our product specification :

  • Product: 100% Coconut Shell Briquettes
  • Size: 2,5x2,5x2,5 cm
  • Model: Cube
  • Application: Shisha/Hookah/Incense burner/BBQ
  • Moisture max 5%
  • Ash Content: 2.6-3% max
  • Sulfur content: 0.06%
  • Fixed carbon: > 75-85%
  • Gross Calorific Value: > 7.200 Kcal/kg

Competitive Advantages :

  • Eco-friendly: Made of 100% natural ingredients.
  • Burns longer and hotter compared to wood charcoal briquettes.
  • Burns consistently, evenly and predictably over time.
  • No chemicals are used in the production.
  • Burns virtually smokeless and completely odor less.
  • As it is a natural product it gives no unwanted smell or taste to the food.
  • Reusable, if you have finished your barbequing and there are still charcoal left you can use them another time.
  • When the charcoal briquettes have burned out they leave behind very little ash residue.
  • Standard Packaging 10 kg of printed paper bags or boxes.
  • Customized Packaging.
  • Private Label.

Activated Carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon had capabilities extend to very wide range of product spesifications.

Products are available in the following mesh sizes (specialised particle distributions are also available on request).

  • Iodine number: 800-1300 mg/g
  • Moisture Content: 5% MAX
  • Ash Content: 3 % MAX
  • Hardness: 95% MIN
  • Particle Size Distribution: Up Mesh : 5% MAX
  • Under Mesh : 5% MAX Mesh Sizes

Our Product Range : :

  • Gold Mining / Gold recovery (Precius Metal)
  • Ultra Pure Water Treatment
  • Beverage Industry.
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Municipal water treatment
  • Ground water treatment
  • Industrial Waste Gas .
  • Industrial Gas Purification
  • Military Applications
  • Carbon Dioxide Purification .

Charcoal vs Wood

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